Monday, October 27, 2008

Cleaning the mess

Yup…that’s me !

Maybe it’s like my middle name (thank you) !!!


Luv it some time

But hate it every time

Though I know, that life will not be that beautiful

if there’s no such things, is it ?


imagine a blank of paper

no red ink no green ink

just black


imagine a drama

no intrigue

no conversation


event a pantomime

with its Black-White identity

has its own pattern


luv it actually

and addicted mostly


but this time, I’m kind of tired

I just want to go home

Meet my hubby n kidz

Chat more …

Hug more …


Go to sleep…


Jam 5 berapa lama lagi ya ….

Oh well it’s 1 hour 15 min left…


I take Ashr first

Type a little bit

Then ca cao !!!


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