Friday, September 11, 2009

Awfully Chocolate vs unLawfully addicted

Chocolate is something that I can't refuse
I love chocolate in any mood and any sense
I love its darkness and bitterness
I love it both plain or mixed with nut, cashew nut, pistachios or macadamia.
I love it in cake (black devil, opera, hem hem...)
I fully love it in ice cream
But I don't find it comfortable, when it's mixed with raisins, dates or a plain choco drinks. Although I ate it anyway when someone give it to me (again! Except the plain choco drinks....)

Love chocolate in every corner of places, love it to find its unique taste brought up from tradition and local lifestyle.

So don't blame me when I saw a nice arrogantly corner at Plaza Indonesia namely Awfully Chocolate... And can't stand the seduction of a small silver tin filled with dark chocolate cookies... Heemmm so tempted...

The chocolate girl even confirmed me more and more whether I were fasting... Otherwise she would gave tester of its choco tartlet and cake ...uurgghh ... Mbak ! Gak sopan banget deyyy....

And you know what? The tartlet is heavenly yummmyyyy
The choco taste filled up through my fore head... Hem.. Hem... Now... Let's try on to the cookies, shall we ???

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