Friday, June 27, 2008

feels like I'm stupid

maybe it is time for me to grow at someplace else.
beside giving anyother to grow higher than now.
I will give a chance to my self grow in highest level
I ever want to be.
as Mario Teguh, the motivator last night said that
you have to put the target or project
much much wider than (what you think as the capacity of) your ability
so that you are pottentially fit in to the highest achievement.

was thinking one cartoon character representing me right now.
I forgot what it was. I think it's a father-son animal,
the son is smarter than his father.
and it's not Goofy...

yah.. perhaps Droopy close lah!

altough he's kind of "slowly and lethargically,
spoke in a jowly monotone, and,
though he didn't look like much,
was shrewd enough to outwit his enemies"
(quoted from Wikipedia)

hehehe after all, tetep aja feels stupid-nya
pengen keliatan lebih inteligent hahahaha

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